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Water saving tips

*Estimated savings and figures are based the standard metered tariff and apply to 2017/18

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Bathroom upstairs
  • Water Tank

    Water Tank


    Lag pipes, tanks and taps to protect from freezing.

    Lagging hot and cold water pipes and central heating pipes where you can will reduce unnecessary cold water run off. Frozen pipes can cause leaks. DIY stores will have everything you need for a cosy home during winter. Find out how to prepare your home for winter.

  • Tap



    You wouldn't let money go down the plug hole, turn the tap off when brushing your teeth and fix dripping taps. Search for help with leaks.

  • Toilet



    Do you have a leaking loo? This could be wasting between £50 - £200 a year! Don’t delay, search for help with leaks.

    Spend a penny, save pounds. Does your toilet have two push buttons? Use the big button only when necessary. That’s equivalent to saving two and half buckets of water a day!

    If your toilet has a handle flush this could be a full bucket of water each time you flush, book a FREE water saving house visit and we can reduce your flush by half the amount. Find out more and to apply.

  • Bath



    It’s ok to have a relaxing bath now and again. But if you’re having up to 3 full baths a week this may be an additional £50 a year on your household water and energy bills.

  • Shower



    Is your shower a thirsty water user?

    Electric showers use the least amount of water, but remember heating water will also add up the pennies on your energy bill. Try taking a 5 minute shower challenge!

    Power showers however, can use more water in 5 minutes than having a full bath! Knocking 2 minutes off your shower time can save you up to £44 on your water and energy bills.

    Is your shower mains fed? We may be able to help you save up to £22 with our FREE water saving house visit. Apply here.

Kitchen kitchen
  • Fridge



    Keep a jug of water in the fridge and instantly save 5 litres each time!

    It’s nice to have a refreshing cold drink of water, especially in the Summer. Avoid running the tap and wait for the water to run cold, fill up a jug of water and chill it in the fridge.

  • Kitchen tap

    Kitchen tap


    Don’t use running taps for washing vegetables

    Running taps can waste as much as 6 litres of water per minute. Fix any dripping taps. A dripping tap can waste as much as 4 litres of water each day. Search for help with repairs.

  • Kettle



    Boiling a full kettle uses a lot of water and energy

    Only fill the kettle with what you need rather than filling it every time, saving water and energy.

  • Veg



    A running tap can waste 6 litres of water per minute

    Wash vegetable in a bowl rather than under a running tap. This water can then be used for house plants or in the garden.

  • Washing machine

    Washing machine


    Drop 10 litres by putting on a full wash, and for saving a few more litres use the Eco setting if you have one. You'll save water, energy and money.

  • Dishwasher


    close Using a dishwasher when it’s full can be more water efficient than washing up by hand. Use the Eco setting if you have one and save water, energy and money.
Outside outside
  • Meter



    This is the most useful way to save water and money

    Paying your bill with a water meter puts you in control and helps to reduce your water bill. Nearly 80% of our customers are paying for their water with a meter. If you choose to have a water meter we will fit one free of charge. We also offer a 2 year switchback guarantee. This means that if in the first 2 years you don’t make the savings you expect we will switch you back to unmeasured charges - completely free of charge. Find out how you can save by switching.

  • Bucket and Sponge

    Bucket and Sponge


    Try using 5 or less buckets of water to wash your car. Using a hosepipe for 15 minutes would waste up to 30 buckets of water! If you have to use a hosepipe make sure you have a trigger gun on it to reduce waste or try a hand pump pressure washer.

  • Outside tap

    Outside tap


    Protect your outside tap from freezing and causing a burst

    Use an outside tap protector or covering to prevent burst during low temperatures. Make sure to turn the outside tap off fully after using especially if you have a hosepipe attached. If not taps can often drip when attached to a hosepipe at the tap end or at the other end even with a shut off trigger gun.

  • Hose Pipe

    Hose Pipe


    Try to avoid watering often and check the weather as rain may be forecast. If you have to use a hosepipe make sure you have a trigger gun. Find out more about a FREE water saving visit, we can help you save in your garden.

  • Watering Can

    Watering Can


    Using a watering can wisely and target water where it's needed. Use this instead of a hosepipe or sprinkler. Check the forecast regularly to see when's the next rainy day.

  • Water Butt

    Water Butt


    Collect the raindrops for your garden

    A water butt can collect up to 5,000 litres a year! This rain can be diverted back to water your garden, clean your car and wash your windows.

  • Drought Resistant Planting

    Drought Resistant Planting


    Check out drought resistant plants next time you’re at the garden centre.

    Get some monthly tips and inspiration at The Potting Shed Club on Facebook. Use water saving crystals and other products by ordering a free Garden Kit from us.

  • Water supply Pipe

    Water supply Pipe


    This is your pipe leading to the meter or stop tap at or near the boundary of your property

    If you suspect a leak on this pipe check your household insurance as you may be covered for leaks. If not, cover yourself against the cost of repairing a burst pipe with Water Pipe Cover through HomeServe here. If you need a plumber check out one near you at 


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