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Our operational sites

Anglian Water has over 6900 sites across the region that together support a rich diversity of habitats and species. Our Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP), aligned with national nature conservation strategy, sets out how we will care for wildlife on our land. Playing our part in this way ensures we also comply with our legal duties.

Our sites vary in size from small pumping stations to huge treatment facilities, but regardless of the size, each of these plays its own part in contributing to an ecological network at the landscape scale. By managing our sites in a responsible way we provide valuable habitat for a range of species and connectivity to other wildlife sites in the landscape.

Our operational staff are our eyes and ears on the ground and play a key role in gathering species data and monitoring our sites. They help to build a picture of where we need to focus our attention and get involved in practical conservation work where required.

Case Study:

Our Ransomes Europark Balancing Lagoon site in Ipswich supports a swathe of bell heather heath as a result of heathland turves having been translocated from a nearby local wildlife site, part of which was undergoing development at the time.

We have been working at this site with Butterfly Conservation to undertake surveys to record silver-studded blue butterflies and see if any of these increasingly rare invertebrates have established at our site from the nearby colony. This species has suffered declines as a result of loss of habitat and is now restricted to a limited number of sites in southern England and in Wales. It is identified as a Priority Species in the Anglian Water BAP.

Surveys undertaken during the adult’s flight period have confirmed sightings of individuals at our site, where only casual records have been made in the past. By implementing on-going management at the site we hope to establish a resilient and sustainable colony in the coming years.


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