How we fix a leak

How we fix a leak

We’re saving water

  • Geographically, Anglian Water is the largest water & sewerage company in England and Wales, covering 20% of the land.
  • We serve the fastest growing parts of the UK, with predicted 34% growth in households by 2031. We operate 38,185 Km of water mains, further than a return trip to Sydney!
  • Despite this growth and 27% more properties, we’re actually using less water than in 1989.

We’ll fix the leak as soon as possible

  • One of our technicians will check the leak and make repairs
  • If we cannot immediately fix the leak, we’ll let you know what’s happening
  • One of our repair teams will then fix the leak and make sure everything’s safe
  • Our reinstatement team will make sure the ground is back to normal. This may take a few days as the ground needs to settle, and it might need more than one visit
  • We’ll pick up any barriers when the ground is back to normal.

When we have several leaks to repair, we make sure we find the most urgent ones to deal with by answering these three questions:

  1. Is the leak causing a loss of water supply?
  2. Is there an imminent risk to people or property?
  3. Is it in a dangerous location?

Is there a delay in fixing the leak?

We always fix leaks as quickly as we can. We know it’s frustrating to have reported a leak and not see it repaired immediately. There are generally very good reasons why we haven’t fixed it yet, which could include:

  • We need a third party’s permission
    This might happen if there’s a gas main near the leak, or a lamp post or tree in the way.
  • The leak is near a highway or busy road
    If this is the case, we need to apply to the Highways Department for a permit before we can fix the leak. Sometimes we need to apply for a road or lane closure, or temporary traffic lights. We also have to respect specific restrictions, such as if we can only work out of hours or in school holidays.
  • We need specialist equipment to fix the leak
    If we need to organise equipment, it’ll take extra time to arrive and to be ready for work.

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