Our regions rivers and habitats are heavily feeling the impacts of prolonged dry weather due to the changing climate. They are also under increased stress due to our growing population, run off from farming lands and increased development.

Taking care of our region's ecosystems and making sure our rivers thrive is vital for our region's prosperity. It provides the right environment for spawning, nursery, feeding or cover habitats for fish. And thriving rivers encourage endless opportunities for popular recreational activities, such as hiking, boating, hunting, fishing and birdwatching. ​

Protecting and enhancing habitats​

We’re working in partnership with others to re-introduce several iconic fish species, such as salmon and burbot back into our region's rivers, including the River Wissey in Norfolk. As part of Get River Positive, Anglian Water is contributing to the funding to support further research about establishing a habitat for Burbot to return and thrive and supporting part of the river restoration required. Protecting special habitats for these iconic animals is fundamental for biodiversity. ​

Did you know that over 2,000 plants and animals have been introduced to Great Britain from all over the world? Whilst most of these non-native species are harmless, around 15% become invasive species which can have a harmful impact on our biodiversity and our water supply. We're supporting some amazing work across our region to ensure we protect our environment and wildlife from any pesky invasive species. Projects such as Himalayan Balsam bashing, removing floating Pennywort, and monitoring our reservoirs for species like Quagga Mussels and Killer Shrimps are just some of the ways we’re working to restore and enhance our wild places for future generations to enjoy and explore. Find out more here.​


​Natural flood management​

Simple techniques such as planting trees reduces the risk of flooding by controlling high river flows during heavy rainfall. Which is why we are planting 11 million trees in partnership across the water industry by 2030, to make more green spaces, improve air quality and combat climate change.​​

Find out more about our conservation efforts through our Get River Positive commitments. ​