We support and protect wildlife because it’s simply the right thing to. We’re pioneers in conservation, restless in our pursuit of restoring and enhancing our wild places for future generations to enjoy and explore.​

 We’re continuing to develop our river restoration schemes across the region to focus on the importance of restored healthy rivers, particularly in drought vulnerable areas such as ours. Our projects, designed to restore unique river habitats, improving ecology and biodiversity have made many positive changes to wildlife across our region.

The triumphant return of the Osprey to Rutland Water is one of the United Kingdom’s greatest conservation success stories. Our involvement in the Osprey Project began in 1996 and in 2001 we witnessed the hatching of the first wild osprey in central England for over 150 years. The birds now regularly breed at Rutland Water, making it the home of the modern English Osprey. Learn more about the project here.​

As part of our investment into our region we are also planting 11 million trees in partnership across the water industry by 2030, to make more green spaces, improve air quality and combat climate change.​

We’re also helping to reduce the impact of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS)​
Invasive non-native species are plants and animals that, with the assistance of humans, travel from their native areas to a new region and go on to cause problems for people, native wildlife and the economy. They reach us through transport, trade or recreational activities.​

INNS are increasing globally, and in our region, they impact our water supply, the regional economy and our environment. That’s why it’s important we control or eradicate them. ​

We’re already working to control them at our sites, but we also provide funding to others working on INNS through our Invasive Species Fund. ​

The fund is open once a year, from 1st November and the grant covers many activities such as the costs of eradication, equipment, and staff time. ​

Learn more about our funding and how we can offer additional support.​