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Discover how being water efficient can help the environment in your area

Frog in a meter chamber

Wildlife needs water too. Long periods of dry weather reduce the availability of water in habitats that plants, insects, amphibians and birds need to survive.

Low flows in rivers as a result of drought conditions often lead to low oxygen levels and increased concentrations of pollutants. Fish and their habitats are particularly vulnerable. Low water levels can expose the depressions in river gravels where some fish lay their eggs.

Wading birds cannot feed if the ground is dry and hard. They are also left vulnerable to predation where water bodies are dry and vegetation is not growing as it should.

  • Together both households and water companies take up 90% emissions due to water usage at home.
  • Did you know that 72% of our carbon emissions are released from heating.
  • Having Bits and Bobs fitted will help you reduce the release of energy and greenhouse gases because less water is run through the taps.

Water efficient devices don’t just help save water in your household, but can help save water for the rest of the environment to.
The facts below can all be managed and improved if we can all be more water efficient. Just apply for your free water saving products today and start making a difference for tomorrow.

Norwich and the Broads (Norfolk Rural)

East Suffolk and Essex

Cambridgeshire and West Suffolk

Areas in the west of our region

South Humberside

In Suffolk, the Wildlife Trust has monitored one water vole site for eight years and has found that in a dry year when water levels are low, even a healthy water vole population is vulnerable to habitat loss and predation.

As water levels drop, water vole burrows are isolated from the water and voles have to move along exposed bare banks, making them much more vulnerable to predators.

You can help use water wisely by applying for your free Bits and Bobs. Having these little devices fitted in your home can help save water, energy and money to make a big difference in the future.


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