We’re working to help prevent flooding in Gorleston

We’ve invested £4million in your community to prevent flooding

We know your local community has felt the impact of flooding caused by heavy rainfall. We understand flooding is both unpleasant and distressing - which is why we invest millions each year to reduce the risk of it happening across our region.

Flooding and drainage systems are often complicated issues with many different owners for parts of drainage network. That’s why it’s important we work together with Highways, local councils and even private owners, to help protect your community.  Our role is to ensure our sewer network is running to the best of its ability to take excess water away as quickly as possible during extreme weather. And we know with a rapidly changing climate, instances of intense rainfall are likely to become more frequent.


Here’s what we’re doing

We’ve invested £4million in Gorleston to reduce the risk of sewer flooding to local homes and properties. We’ve already made modifications to the sewer network on Colomb Road, and installed new surface water gullies on the behalf of local Highways Team to improve the surface water drainage on Burgh Road.

We will also modify the sewer on the High Street, lay a new sewer on Burgh Road and build a new pumping station and storm overflow tank underneath Beccles Road. This will create additional capacity in our network to take water away when it rains heavily.


Traffic management

To ensure the safety of our workforce and the public, we will need the following traffic management in place:

Where What How When Impact
Colomb Road Sewer modifications   Completed Completed
Beccles Road Installation of a new storage tank and pumping station to hold foul and surface water in wet weather Secant piling ground excavation

14 March 2022 - 13 September 2022

Beccles Road North will be closed at the Whitehorse roundabout. View our diversion route.

Beccles Road footpath closure.

Burgh Road Creation of a new storm overflow sewer to hold foul and surface water in wet weather Tunnel boring machine

16 May 2022 - 17 August 2022

Burgh Road will be closed between Humberstone Road and the roundabout. View our diversion route.
Baker Street Repairing damaged sewer pipes Ground excavation, repairs to some pipe joints and sewer relining In progress - 24 June 2022 Closure of Baker Street with a local diversion route in place via Bells Marsh Road.
High Street Diversion of a our existing sewer pipe to take foul water away from the area that floods to another part of our sewer network Ground excavation and installation of a new section of sewer pipe 05 September 2022 - 18 October 2022 Road closure of the High Street between Addison Road and Trafalgar Road East. View our diverstion route.
Beccles Road Reinstating central island crossover   14 September 2022 - 26 September 2022 Outer lane closures Southbound and Northbound.
Whitehorse roundabout Modifying existing manholes in roundabout island   October 2022 - November 2022 (TBC) Roundabout lane restrictions


Frequently asked questions

What hours will you be working?

Our normal working hours will be between 07:30 – 17:30, however there will be occasional night work, weekend work and extended hours. If you are affected by any out of hour working, we will liaise with you in advance.

To reduce the overall impact to the local community we will have a number of site teams working at the same time to minimise our overall time on site and disruption to the community.

Yes - access by foot and vehicle will always be maintained for residents, visitors and the emergency services from one end of the closure or the other. There may be occasions where you have to wait short periods while the team make it safe.

No- there are no planned interruptions to your water or sewerage service.  You can continue to use your tap and flush your loo as normal.

We have decided to push our work back on The High Street to September/October to ensure we do not cause any further disruption to the area during the holiday season, as we know this is an important time for your local economy.

We have encountered some issues at the site of the new storage tank and pumping station on Beccles Road North. Our initial attempts to install concrete piles had to be stopped when it was discovered the conditions were not right. So we have been carrying out additional ground preparatory works ready for the piling to begin on 14 March.

Only once the initial structure of the underground tank has been formed can we look to start the new Burgh Road sewer which will connect into it.

A tunnel boring machine is a piece of equipment that will allow us to install a new sewer under Burgh Road, without having to dig it up. This means it will be a lot quicker and less disruptive to complete.

We recently exposed two locations on Burgh Road where the new sewer will be laid between. In May we will set up the machinery that will push each piece of the new sewer into place. To be able to push the pipes into place we will need equipment in place that will remove and recycle the material that comes out of the ground. An example of the machinery set up can be seen here and an illustration of the sewer construction can be found on the video above.

Please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you! 

This is our 24/7 customer services helpline on 03457 145 145 please quote reference Southwold sewer initiative



Around 80% of sewer blockages are avoidable and caused by items that should go in the bin.  You can help us keep this new sewer in tip-top condition, by only flushing the 3P’s (that’s pee, poo and paper) down the toilet you’re not only helping stop sewers from getting blocked, but you’re helping protect the environment by stopping the overflow from ending up in rivers and the sea. 

Let’s keep it clear together.

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Our free Priority Service is available to households that need additional practical support. Tell us what you need. Or let us know about elderly or vulnerable relatives or friends living in our region who may need some help. Please call us on 03457 145 145 for more information on our Priority Service or find out more here.