Planting sustainably

Protecting our gardens from climate change and making sure they are resilient to long periods of drought, as well as flash floods has never been more important.


Planting sustainably will not only help tackle climate change in your garden by reducing the amount of water you use and your carbon emissions, but it will also provide habitats for wildlife to flourish.

Your savvy seasonal guide

How you look after your garden can help improve local wildlife and the environment, so why not check out our free savvy seasonal guide for our top tips. 


In the guide we have included seasonal planting techniques that reduce the amount of water used to keep gardens green and growing, which include tips for taking care of your soil. We have also included the ideal plants to use in your garden, particularly tolerant to droughts and able to adapt to more frequent hotter drier summers. But our guide isn't just for summer as we offer ideas throughout the four seasons. 


You can also explore more ways to save water in the garden, to maintain healthy lawns, care for your soil and to use and store water, especially during those dry spells.

How to help wildlife 

Sharing our gardens with nature brings joy to gardeners across our region, and by planting a wide variety of plants you can help slow and reverse the declines in bees, butterflies, moths, hoverflies and other pollinators. Small changes to your gardens can make a big difference to various wildlife habitats, so why not including a mixture of native, near-native and exotic plants in your garden to support pollinator diversity. You can also read more about the work we do to take care of wildlife and habitats here.

Reducing carbon emissions

All plants absorb carbon dioxide, so the more plants we grow, the more carbon dioxide is absorbed - especially when we plant them from seed.  Did you know that growing plants up the side of your house can help regulate temperatures, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer? Think of them as nature’s air conditioning – saving you money and carbon. 


As part of our investment into the environment in our region we are planting 11 million trees in partnership across the water industry by 2030, to make more green spaces, improve air quality and combat climate change.​ Explore more about our journey to reduce carbon emissions and create a more sustainable future for water in our region.