Water saving home kit

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s how precious our water is and how important our communities are.


Anglian Water serves the driest region in the UK. With increasingly unpredictable weather patterns it is even more important to save water where we can and we want to help you do just that. 


Did you know on average showers will account for at least 30% of your daily household water usage? A 10-minute shower will use on average 80 litres, if you have a power shower it can use twice as much more water than a bath full! A shorter shower can help you be an all-rounder saver - saving water, energy, money. Reducing your time by 1 minute can save your household up to £120 a year*


*£120 saved a year for an average four person household.  All figures quoted from the Energy Saving Trust Report – ‘At Home With Water’ – July 2013


Water is worth it, take the shorter shower challenge today.


Sign up today to take the shorter shower challenge - you’ll receive a box of water saving tools including a shower timer to help you get that shower time down while still enjoying a refreshing wash.


Once you’ve started saving water in the shower, you can try the other water saving suggestions and tools we have included for you.


Here’s what you will receive:

Shower timer

Easy to use, waterproof shower timer.  Why not challenge the family to see who can have the shortest shower?

Save-a-flush bag

Save a litre of water per flush.


Here’s a handy video to help you fit the save-a-flush bag.


Gardening swell crystals
  • Functional – Dramatically reduces the need for frequent watering
  • easy to use - Mix evenly with compost before planting out and water well to activate the crystals, which will swell into a 'gel', storing water that the plant roots can extract as required
  • compatible – Ideal for hanging baskets that normally dry out quickly, and for newly planted areas or dry spots in the garden. 1 sachet treats 20 litres of compost.