Sewage flooding

If you’re property’s been affected by flooding from sewers, call our 24 hour helpline - 03457 145 145. Then contact your insurance company. No matter what caused the flooding, your insurer is best placed to help you.

If your property has internal flooding, we will respond as soon as possible. It can take longer if we are prevented from reaching you by exceptional circumstances such as severe weather.

If your property has external flooding, we will attend as soon as we can but have to prioritise those customers in greatest need, such as those with internal flooding and customers at greater risk such as the elderly and disabled.


After visiting you, we will arrange a clean up to:

  • remove excess liquid and any solids left behind
  • wash down and disinfect external hard standings such as footpaths.

Contact your insurance company to:

  • dry out your property
  • replace any contents
  • provide alternative accommodation
  • pay compensation for loss or damage to your contents or property.

Until things get back to normal, take care to:

  • wash your hands thoroughly if they come into contact with the flooded area
  • get rid of contaminated food, including cans
  • don’t eat contaminated crops from your garden or allotment
  • take extra care when preparing food
  • always wash your hands and store opened food in a sealed container
  • avoid using affected gas and electrical appliances until a qualified gas fitter or electrician has checked they’re safe
  • make sure your property is safe and secure if you’re opening doors and windows for ventilation.

If you feel unwell, accidentally swallow any contaminated material, or have any symptoms such as diarrhoea or sickness after the flood then call your doctor immediately.

After a flooding event

When the flood is over, we’ll do our best to find out why it happened and if we can prevent it occurring again. We can’t stop storms but we can see if there’s a better way to manage the consequences and protect you. We’ll look at how much rainfall fell at the time and how our sewer was coping before, during and after the event.

To be thorough, our investigation may take time, but we’ll let you know what’s going on.

Sewage flooding advice

We may be unable to support you if exceptional circumstances or third-party interference physically stops us from giving you the service which we want to provide.