Our WaterCare service is here for you if you need a helping hand. We offer support through our Priority Services Register and Extra Care Support, and you can get support from one of these or both of them – whatever’s right for you.


We’re proud to be one of the first nine companies globally who’ve been awarded the new Inclusive Service Kitemark. We’re passionate about providing an inclusive service and we’re always looking for new ways to tailor our services to suit you.


It’s all part of our commitment to meet your needs and those of all our customers, now and for the future, so take a look below to see how we can help.  

Our Priority Services Register

If you need practical support, our Priority Services Register is here for you. It’s completely free, and once you’ve signed up, you can stay on it for as long as you like.


Extra Care Support

We understand that bills aren’t always the first thing on your mind. If you’re recovering from an illness, or going through other life changes affecting your finances, we want you to feel like you can talk to us about it.