Potters Way sewer relining

We are investing £2.8million in an essential project to renew or improve 435metres of sewer pipes in and around Potters Way.

These pipes take most of Peterborough’s sewage flow, which can be as much as 4,000 litres per second! This work will ensure that thousands of customers in Peterborough can continue to use their taps and flush their toilets without a second thought.

Work will begin on 13 July and we expect to finish by October. Once complete, this work will prolong the life of the sewer for at least another 50 years.

Project Overview

When sewage flows through pipes it releases a gas called Hydrogen Sulphide, this turns into Sulphuric Acid which slowly eats into the concrete and damages the pipes. In 2018, part of the sewer pipe in Potters Way collapsed due to sulphuric acid damage. As a result of this, we carried out investigations on the pipe which found that 435metres of pipe was severely damaged and needed to be renewed.

Our engineers have designed a solution which allows us to refurbish the pipe without having to dig up and replace the entire pipeline; which would cause a much higher level of disruption to residents and road users. Click here to see a large image of the overview image.

We will be relining 4 sections of sewer underneath Frank Perkins Parkway using a felt liner; it will be inserted, inflated then cured to the inside of the existing sewer pipe using UV light and water. This creates a pipe within a pipe and will prolong the life of the sewer for approximately 50 years. For this section of work, we need to use an over ground pipe to divert sewage flows while we work. This will be constructed between the verge of Bishops Road and the footpath behind the Vivacity Athletics Track, safely crossing the road using a pipe bridge.

We will also be relining the sewer in the Connect 21 estate. Installing an over ground pipe through the estate would be impractical and disruptive, therefore we will be using a different method so we can repair the sewer in live flows. For this method we will dig down to the sewer and insert pre-formed sections of new sewer pipe which is resistant to any gases; pushing them along the inside of the existing sewer.

We want to be good neighbours and keep you up to date throughout this scheme, so we will be updating this web space every Friday once our work starts to share our progress and next steps.

Programme overview 

Where What? Start End
South of Peterborough Greyhounds This is where we will have our site compound, which will include a welfare unit and offices for our site team and a storage area for our plant and materials. 07 July 2020 16 October 2020
Hammonds Drive – Road Closure To remove the need for disruptive over ground pipes, we will be working in live flows. To repair the pipes, we need to open a 10metre section of the sewer where we will lower in roughly 30 2metre sections of preformed pipe. We will push these along the existing sewer, renewing approximately 60metres of sewer pipe. Click here to view diversion map. 15 July 2020 25 September 2020
Miller Way existing Anglian Water Pumping Station We need to construct a small over ground pipe to reduce some of the flows where we will be working. 15 July 2020 25 September 2020
Potters Way – Road Closure

To repair the sewers underneath the Parkway, will be inserting the felt liners and curing them from manholes in Potters Way. To do this we need to remove the cover slabs in the manholes and have our vehicles parked to physically insert the liner and monitor the curing process.Click here to view closure map.

20 July 2020 11 September 2020
Bishops Road - Road Closure We need to install an over ground pipe to divert flows, which will go from Bishops Road, to the field behind the Vivacity Athletics Track. Where the pipe crosses Bishops Road we will use a pipe bridge; we will also have pumps set up on the verge of Bishops Road. The over ground pipe and pumps will be in place from 02 August 2020 until 06 September 2020. The road will be closed on 02 August 2020 to construct the pipe and again on 06 September 2020 to take it down. Click here to view diversion map.  02 August 2020 (1 day)  06 September 2020 (1 day)
Embankment Walk This is where the over ground pipe will sit.  To keep the footpath open we will be using a pipe bridge. Click here to view an example of this. 02 August 2020 06 September 2020

Frank Perkins Parkway – Lane Closure

There are manholes next to the road which we will need to safely access whilst we are relining the sewers underneath the Parkway. Click here to view traffic management map.

24 August 2020

28 August 2020

Miller Way – Road Closure

The manhole here needs repairing. We will be replacing the cover slab and coating the walls with a lining which is resistant to gases. Click here to view diversion map.

25 September 2020

16 October 2020


Facts and FAQs

What hours will you be working?

Our normal working hours will be between 7:30 and 18:30.

Once we start work on a section of pipe we cannot stop, this is because the liner needs to be fully cured and customers connection points need to be cut out. Because of this, there may be times when we need to work later than 18:30. We will aim to finish work as early as possible each day to limit disruption to our customers.

To ensure the safety of our workforce and the public we will need to shut several roads in the area. Please see the table above for diversion route plans and our reasons why we need to shut these roads.

When we are working in the estate, we will always keep one side of the footpath open. Please take care when passing our work.

If you live within one of our road closures, you will always have access to your property from one end of the closure or the other.

There will be no impact to your water or sewerage service during this work; you can still use water as normal.

We understand that residents of the Connect 21 estate have experienced issues with odour for a number of years, which was heightened when the sewer collapsed near Potters Way in 2018. Odours can come from various locations, such as manholes, air valves and Water Recycling Centres. We installed carbon filters over the air valves last year and believe this has improved the situation for residents and helped to reduce odours.

Whilst permanently fixing the collapsed sewer should help to eliminate remaining bad smells, as the estate is located close to our Water Recycling Centre at Flag Fen, where we treat most of Peterborough’s sewage, we cannot guarantee our work will eradicate all odours.


Unfortunately, there may be some additional, temporary odours while we carry out this important work:

   -  The resin in the felt tube can give off a sweet aromatic odour, similar to a glue type smell. This is not harmful and is generally short lived and most likely to occur in cellars and other low-level rooms. If you do notice a glue type smell while we are doing this work, please open any doors and windows to ventilate the area, flush your toilets and run the cold tap for a short while.

   -  As we need to open the sewer you may also notice a smell of sewage while we complete our work on Hammonds Drive. We apologise in advance for this temporary issue; unfortunately, it is unavoidable as we are working in a live sewer pipe.

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If you have any queries about this work, you can email onealliancecustomers@anglianwater.co.uk  Alternatively, you can contact our 24/7 customer services helpline on 03457 145 145.

As we continue to stay alert to protect lives from the Coronavirus, we want to reassure you that we are working hard providing one of life’s essential services - keeping taps flowing, toilets flushing and drains draining.


We have a dedicated team of operational experts who will be continuing to work in your area to keep our pipes, pumps and equipment running so we can all turn on the tap without a second thought.  


Our responsibility for such an essential service is something we take very seriously, as is the safety of our customers and our colleagues. Our teams will be following government advice on social distancing while at work, and they will be limiting direct contact with customers unless it’s essential.


If you’re self-isolating, our teams will take the necessary precautions if we do need to visit you. Our priority is always to keep both you and our colleagues safe.


If you want further information on the steps we’re taking, please visit: www.anglianwater.co.uk/coronavirus     


If you’re in one of the high risk groups identified by Government as having a medical condition that makes you especially vulnerable to Coronavirus, we’d urge you to sign up to our Priority Services Register by visiting www.anglianwater.co.uk/myacount   or www.anglianwater.co.uk/watercare  so we can support you in the best way. 

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