House with a water meter

Choosing to have a water meter fitted is free and it helps put you in control of your bill. You pay for the water you use, and if you want to, you can really reduce the size of your bill.

5 steps to have a meter fitted

Step 1 – you decide to request a meter be fitted by

Step 2 - we’ll arrange an appointment and carry out a survey to find the best place to fit the meter. During our visit we'll also provide advice and free water saving devices, where possible, to help you save water and money on your water and energy bills. 

Step 3 – if we can't fit your meter at Step 2 then our plumber or dig team will be able to fit the meter at this step.

Step 4 – we’ll be in touch to let you know your account has been changes to metered based charges and when you are likely to receive your first measured bill. You will also receive your closing unmeasured bill.

Step 5 – if need to dig at Step 3, we will be back to make good the area once the ground has settled.