Smart meter that is being used in Newmarket trial

The next generation of smart meters are being installed in Newmarket. Anglian Water is working to install 7500 smart meters throughout the town. 

The smart meters will transmit hourly readings from the property. The meter readings are shared with our smart metered customers in Newmarket on a daily basis through the ‘My Use’ portal. The daily readings help customers in Newmarket understand when they are using the most water and gives tip to help them to save water where they can, putting them in control of their water bill.

This helps customers to see their water use in more detail than ever before and over time they will be able to make comparisons between their water usage from year to year and between similar types of properties in their area.

Alongside the information on their water usage they will also be able to access free tips on how to save water, make pledges to change their water behaviour and track the effect of the change on their water use.