Infographic showing how the £1.17 average charge is spent

For an average of £1.17 per day, you get all your clean water for washing and drinking, plus all your sewerage services which take the dirty water away, cleans it and returns it safely to the environment.

In the fourth year of our £5billion commitment to maintain and improve water and sewerage serviced  up to 2020, the company has been able to keep this year’s bill increase to 0.7%, well below the level of inflation (CPI 2.8% in November 2017 when the following year’s bills are calculated).

Water meters are still the best way to save money, and with the average annual metered bill coming in £171 cheaper than customers who don’t use a meter, the savings speak for themselves. It’s a win-win because it’s free to switch to a meter, and if you aren’t completely satisfied you can switch back, for free, within two years.”

How is customers’ money invested?

Stellar leakage performance for another year: Our unique commitment to reducing leakage means we doesn’t pass the cost of improving leakage performance back to our customers unless it beats a very stretching target. This was something the company agreed with customers in 2015.

We are way ahead of the rest of the industry, making the targets set even more challenging in relative terms. The company is finding and fixing more leaks faster than ever before with the best leakage record in the industry - around half the national average of other water companies.

Our 300-strong leakage team, working on projects like our innovative pressure management scheme has dramatically reduce the number of bursts. We’ve even got drones with thermal imaging cameras finding leaks from the air. Investing £60million up-front (an additional 2p per month to the average household bill) last year to get ahead of the leakage challenge has been hugely successful. We believe leading the industry on cutting leakage is the right thing to do for our customers and the environment and we’re determined to go one step better every time.

A £384 million investment programme: next year 540 billion litres of water will be treated and supplied to customers, before being used and then treated and safely returned to the environment. It’s a vast operation that costs around half a million pounds per day to run. It’s also a huge contribution to the economy, creating or securing thousands of jobs each year. 

Some of the schemes over the next 12 months will include:

  • £22million to keep leakage levels at industry-leading lows. By 2020 Anglian will have invested an additional £60million in a war on leakage, bringing the five-year total spent on fighting leaks to a colossal £128million.
  • The completion of a £34million scheme at Heigham Water Treatment works in Norwich to protect the environment along the River Wensum and secure supplies for the growing city of Norwich.
  • £100million improving, maintaining and refurbishing hundreds of water treatment works and water recycling centres across our vast estate.
  • £48million maintaining, refurbishing and renewing parts of the 37,000km water pipe network.
  • £10million maintaining, refurbishing and replacing parts of the 70,000km sewer network.
  • £23million to extend and upgrade our water recycling centres to accommodate the growing population in our region.
  • £15million keeping sewers clear of fatbergs and wipes. We’ll clear 43,000 sewer blockages – that’s one every 15 minutes – most of which are caused by people putting the wrong things down the loo and sink.
  • £16million to connect hundreds more rural homes to the mains sewerage network for the first time, totalling £70million by 2020.
  • £8million to reduce flooding from sewers as part of a £45million focus that will protect hundreds of properties from flooding by 2020. £1.5million will be put up for matched funding to get more partner flood schemes off the ground too.
  • £1million will be invested in innovation. This will be the second year of Anglian Water’s Smarter Drop initiative, aiming to create the water network of the future. The initiative will centre on Newmarket, and will become Anglian Water’s ‘Shop Window’ for pioneering new technology before rolling it out to the wider region.
  • £360,000 to protect the region’s coastal waters by investigating sources of agricultural and urban pollution, and to work with the farming community to protect the rivers and boreholes that provide raw drinking water. We’re also extending our BeachCare and RiverCare initiatives to cover more miles of coastline and rivers than ever before.
  • Over £6.5million will be spent fitting free water meters, replacing old ones, and offering free water saving devices to help customers become more water efficient.
  • Millions of pounds will be spent on improving water quality to reach even higher standards.
  • Millions of pounds will be spent on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our operations. For instance, every year we repair and replace more than 3,000 manhole covers,.

Caring for local communities and future generations: water is central to our way of life. Without freshwater there’d be no swimming pools, no hospitals, no restaurants, and no beer – it takes 148 litres of water to produce just a single pint of the good stuff. As well as supporting essential businesses and agriculture, Anglian Water cares about ensuring our region is a fantastic, thriving place to live and work. 

Here are some of things you might not expect Anglian Water to be doing:

  • 24,000 children will enjoy learning about the water cycle, efficiency and climate change in local schools across our region as well as at our two education centres.
  • The first intake of students will earn their qualifications in engineering and construction at the Anglian Water-sponsored school, the Greater Peterborough University Technical College.
  • Using ‘Poo Power’, our Water Recycling Centres will generate enough clean energy next year to fuel 40,000 homes.
  • We’ll protect important habitats and species at 47 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) in our region, covering nearly 3,000 hectares, or 4,120 football pitches, of land. These include Water Voles, Nightingales, which are breeding at some of water parks and form part of a five year research project, and Ospreys.
  • Two million visitors will enjoy our award-winning water parks and recreation sites over the year, including the hugely popular Aquapark and Beach at Rutland Water. More than 500 keen anglers hold season tickets, and hundreds of people will get married at the iconic Normanton Church on the banks of Rutland.
  • Anglian Water employees will volunteer thousands of hours to charities close to their hearts, including WaterAid, the global charity founded by the water industry three decades ago.

Supporting people in vulnerable circumstances: every year Anglian Water commits £1million to help vulnerable customers facing financial hardship. On top of this the company is continuing its successful social tariff LITE, which is already helping thousands of customers on low incomes to save up to 80% on their bill. The average saving for a customer on LITE is £212 per year. More information, including details of support available for those who struggle to pay their bill, is available here or here.