20 June 2023


A £3 million investment scheme by Anglian Water is set to provide properties in Belstead with new sewerage systems, giving residents the opportunity to connect to mains sewerage for the first time.

Work will begin on the scheme to install almost two kilometres of brand-new sewer pipes and two new pumping stations in June, and is expected to be complete by April 2024. These schemes will help to reduce pollution in Belstead which is caused by poor performing private drainage systems.

This scheme forms part of the company’s biggest ever programme of investment. Anglian Water cleans, supplies and treats a billion litres of water a day, and all its pipes laid end to end would stretch around the world three times – so keeping everything running smoothly is a huge challenge. This year the water company is investing £630 million in pipes, treatment centres, customer service and the environment.

Molly McKie, spokesperson for Anglian Water said, “Following investigations in the area, the assessed findings found that the current drainage systems were not working correctly and there was a high risk of pollution in the area.

“We are delighted to be able to deliver these projects for the residents of Belstead. This will not only enable them to simplify their wastewater disposal, but also protect the area from flooding and pollutions in the future. We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we are working in the area.”

Residents who have chosen to connect to the new sewer have been contacted by the project team.

During this work, engineers will do what they can to minimise disruption, but Anglian Water will need to close some roads in order to keep its engineers and other road users safe. Details of the planned traffic management are below:

Dates Details
26 Jun to 17 Jul 23 Site set up and material deliveries
17 Jul to 14 Aug 23 Grove Hill – Road Closure
15 Aug to 04 Sep 23 Grove Hill – Road Closure
16 Aug to 07 Sep 23 Grove Hill – Road Closure
05 Sep to 20 Nov 23 Chapel Road – Road Closure
08 Sep to 20 Nov 23 Grove Hill – Road Closure
21 Nov to 26 Mar 24 Grove Hill – Road Closure
21 Nov to 15 Dec 23 Chapel Road – Road Closure

Belstead residents can find out more about the scheme here.