Anglian Water invests £1 million into Grays’ sewer network

21 April 2023


Anglian Water is planning work to reline more than 840m of sewer pipe in Grays, improving the sewer network’s resilience and preventing flooding. This work to reline the sewer will ensure that customers in Grays can continue to use their taps and flush their toilets without a second thought. 
The work, which represents an investment of £1 million into the town’s sewer network, will begin in June and is expected to be complete by October 2023, although this may change due to the nature of construction work. 
When a sewer pipe gets old there is an increased risk of bursts and leaks causing potential pollution and interruption to customers’ sewerage services. Sewers need maintenance to keep them flowing and ensure pollution doesn’t find its way into the environment. Anglian Water uses remote CCTV cameras to regularly monitor the state of its sewer pipes, and this information helps the company build an investment programme targeted to the areas most in need. 
Lee Forth, Project Manager, said: “Damaged pipes put the sewer network under a lot of pressure, which can result in burst sewer pipes. If repairs are not made in good time, this can cause a loss of drainage and toilet facilities for customers, as well as risking flooding and pollution in the natural environment. 
“That’s why it’s really important that we carry out this work to reline the sewer network in Grays. This will prevent any disruption in sewerage services for local customers, as well as protecting local rivers and wildlife by minimising the risk of pollution.” 
Engineers will be installing a new robust lining to the inside of more than 840m of sewer pipe using innovative technology. This relining will prolong the pipe’s life and prevent groundwater infiltration, which can overwhelm the sewer and cause flooding and pollution. This technique removes the need to dig up the road surface, making it less disruptive and more efficient than replacing a pipe. 
Anglian Water will install a temporary above-ground pipe to take away residents’ wastewater during the project, meaning that there will be no disruption to customers’ facilities, and residents can continue to use their showers, toilets, dishwashers and washing machines without a second thought. This pipe will be removed once work on the relining project has been completed, which is expected to be in October 2023. 
As this is a major construction project, Anglian Water will need to put some traffic management in place to keep its engineers and other road users safe. Details of the traffic management can be found here.