Business in the Community (BITC), with the backing of Government, has launched the Water Taskforce, which brings together water companies, such as Anglian Water, other businesses organisations including the Carbon Trust, Costain, EDF Energy, the Environment Agency, the Met Office and Sainsbury’s to tackle water issues in the UK.

The group has set out to work collaboratively on the challenges, and encourage other businesses to take action on water to help build a fairer society and more sustainable future.
To mark the start of a three year action plan, the group has launched a report, ‘Securing the Resources for Future Prosperity’, which highlights the water challenges faced in the UK, reasons why businesses should take action and what they need to do. The report uncovers many stories of how businesses are already rising to the challenge.

Andy Brown, Head of Sustainability for Anglian Water, said: “Making sure our future water supplies are carefully managed and available is vital to the country’s economic and business success. In recent years all parts of the country have seen times of drought or periods of exceptionally heavy rainfall leading to widespread flooding.

“With changing weather patterns and a rapidly growing population adding further stress on our natural resources we need to act now to address the challenges associated with our water supplies.

“Whether the future holds too much, too little or insufficient quality water the availability of supplies poses a risk to businesses from all sectors, however through collaboration and innovation we can work to secure the water supply we’ll need in the future.”
All UK businesses are being asked to consider their relationship with water and take action to improve their resilience to the risk of periods of too much and too little water.

The Taskforce has committed to work on practical projects that contribute to the delivery of resilience, stewardship and innovation around water.

BITC’s Water Taskforce had identified six steps to help organisations take action on water.

‪1. Understand their relationship with water‬‬‬
‪2. Create a plan for action‬‬‬
‪3. Manage direct use of water‬‬‬
‪4. Manage indirect use of water‬‬‬
‪5. Build resilience to flooding and water shortages‬‬‬
‪6. Collaborate on sustainable water quality management‬‬‬

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