Anglian Water van

 Heavy rain is expected across large parts of the East of England again this evening and Anglian Water teams are gearing up to respond.

We’re expecting heavy rain across large parts of the East of England again today and this evening. Our teams have already been out checking key pumping stations and equipment to ensure they are in full working order. In addition to this preparation, we’ve brought in additional manpower and have altered shift rotas to get more people in at the peak times when the weather is expected to be worst.

Last night we had dedicated teams standing by in hotspot areas expected to receive the brunt of the rain so that they could help keep our equipment running and support local residents. We’ll be doing the same for this evening’s band of intense rainfall, and again we will have skilled electricians on hand in anticipation of lightning strikes and power outages that may affect our pumps.

With heavy and thundery showers forecast to last until Friday we recommend people take care when out and about, and to allow plenty of time to get to the polling stations for the EU Referendum vote. A yellow weather warning has been issued which means there could be surface water flooding in some places.

We’ll continue to update our website with information.