Responding to today’s announcement from Ofwat on water bills for the next five years, Peter Simpson, Anglian Water’s Chief Executive, said:

“There’s a lot for us to consider in today’s decision from Ofwat, but it’s definitely good news for our customers. It means we can meet the promises we made to customers during our largest ever public consultation.

“Our average bills will fall by 10% next year – the biggest of all the water and wastewater companies. And bills will then stay flat, before inflation, for the following four years to 2020.

“We’ve been able to agree this reduction because we’ve become an increasingly efficient company. We are passing these savings on to our customers in the form of lower bills – and this is consistent with the promises we’ve been making all along.

“We’re still going to be spending around £5billion running the business, looking after essential equipment, protecting communities from extremes of weather including flooding, and helping to underpin economic growth. We’ll also be making more funds available to help customers who fall into debt, and establishing a special tariff for the most hard-pressed customers.

“This investment includes £60million to continue our war on leaks, leading to a lower level of leakage than ever before. We already lead the industry on leakage and have achieved our lowest level ever, but we will do even more in the coming five years because customers told us this is really important to them.

“Today’s outcome is broadly similar to what we’ve been proposing all along, based on the very extensive consultation we carried out with our customers over the last year. Customers’ priorities sit at the heart of our plan. Around 50,000 customers were involved in the development of our plan.”