Becca Lunnon with her calf namesake

Anglian Water Customer Service Representative Becca Lunnon went above and beyond to arrange an emergency water connection for a farmer who needed drinking water for his cows. As a thank you, he named a newborn calf after her. 

Thetford farmer Richard Bunning was due to have his water connection installed at the end of January. But because the work would involve a road closure, Norfolk County Council needed three months’ notice before approving it.

“Richard had been supplying drinking water to his 50 cows by hand while he waited for the water supply to be connected,” said Becca. “So he was devastated when I told him he’d have to wait three more months.”

Richard said: “My cows need a lot of water, so every day I pulled a 1,000-litre container on my tractor three miles from the nearest water connection point to the shelter where the cows were. It took me about three hours each time.”
When Becca – who volunteers for the RSPCA – found out about Richard’s situation, she went the extra mile to see what she could do about it.

“I knew there was a chance we’d be able to get an emergency water connection approved on animal welfare grounds,” she said. “So I spoke to the scheduling team, who book work in with our teams on the ground, and together we put the case for an emergency water connection to the council. We got the emergency order granted the following week.”
Richard added: “I was over the moon, and very impressed with the way Becca and Anglian Water dealt with everything. They kept me informed every step of the way. The cows now have a regular water supply, and it’s massively reduced my workload!

“I was so delighted that I named one of our newborn calves after Becca – I thought it was fitting given all her hard work.”

Becca said: “It was a great surprise to have Becca the calf named after me – and it was lovely meeting her. It just goes to show that going over and above for our customers can bring so many positives – sometimes unexpected ones!”