BeachCare volunteers with their litter pick collection

On Saturday, April 16, 22 local volunteers of all ages and a litter hunting dog gave up their morning and braved the cold winds to clean up Cleethorpes beach!

BeachCare is a project between Keep Britain Tidy and Anglian Water which encourages people to adopt and look after part of their local shoreline on a regular basis.

This is the first BeachCare event to be held in Lincolnshire with the aim of establishing a group and follows the successful Great Yarmouth, Southend and East Mersea BeachCare groups.

Fiona McKenna, the Lincolnshire BeachCare Project Officer from Keep Britain Tidy said “We cannot thank all the volunteers enough – Cleethorpes have done themselves proud today and showed that they really love their beach! We had volunteers of all ages joining in and having fun along the way – including the lovely litter finding dog Merlin and his owners! They have all done an excellent thing by removing this litter and making sure that it never reaches our oceans where it can harm marine life! 36 bags of litter, glass and larger items are now in landfill or being recycled because of the efforts of these lovely caring people! Very proud of Lincolnshire and pleased that we have taken action against marine litter today!.’

The group collected 36 bin bags full of litter of all types, but mainly plastic and food packaging. They also found some larger items such as a car wheel and tyre, large duvet, rubber brick from security fencing, large piece of plywood, signage and 1.5 buckets of broken glass and bottles!

Jo Hayward, Anglian Water’s Coastal Catchment Manager for Lincolnshire also volunteered at the BeachCare event and said: “A huge thank you to all involved, through a collaborative effort this group was able to make a huge difference in a very short length of time to this piece of coastline. Along with the usual litter we would like to remind people to bin cleaning, facial and baby wipes, paper towels and nappies to prevent blockages in drains, bad smells and overflowing manholes’.