£60,000 scheme will take pressure off of town’s pipes.

A scheme to reduce bursts and leaks in Swaffham has got underway this week after being fast-tracked by Anglian Water.

A series of valves will be installed around the town to create three pressure-managed zones across parts of Swaffham. Customers will benefit from fewer bursts and leaks, which reduce the likelihood of them being left without water or with low pressure.

Anglian Water already has an industry-leading record for low leakage and has used this system in other towns and cities successfully, significantly cutting the number of bursts and other leaks by as much as 60 per cent.

Starting this week, the Anglian Water team are installing valves in Globe Hill and London Street. The team will move onto Magdalen Way, London Street and Watton Road after the bank holiday, and from Monday 7 September will start installing valves near Beachamwell Road, Cley Road, Southlands and Wolferton Drive – sometimes with two teams working simultaneously for efficiency. The six-week project is due to complete mid September.

Emma Staples from Anglian Water said: “We will be working as quickly and efficiently as we can to complete this job as soon as possible. Obviously we want to complete the improvements for customers as soon as we can, but we also want to minimise disruption. We’ve worked closely with the highways authority to ensure the impact on the roads is low, but there are going to be some traffic lights and partial pavement closures in a few places. We hope everyone will recognise the benefits that this work brings, and that these benefits outweigh any inconvenience in the short term.”

The three new valves installed will allow Anglian Water to make very small changes to prevent pressure building up in the pipes at night, when fewer people are using water. Customers will receive a more consistent pressure and this night-time change will protect the water mains and reduce interruptions to supply as a result.

Dave Ward, Anglian Water’s Head of Water Networks, said: “We have always worked hard to identify and respond to leaks and bursts quickly as possible, and since our very positive meeting with Baroness Shepherd and the Council earlier this year we have been working up plans to address the concerns raised.

“The adjustments we’re making to the network pressure won’t have any impact on the water supply coming from customers’ taps. They will notice fewer bursts though and that means fewer interruptions to their service.

“We are grateful to Baroness Shepherd and Swaffham Council and residents for their patience while we carefully planned this scheme and have done everything we could to deliver the work as quickly as possible.”