Achieve significant improvement in ecological quality

Our long-term strategic ambitions are shaped to deliver on our purpose and drive us to achieve more, for everyone. 

Work with others to achieve significant improvement in ecological quality across our catchments. Our Articles of Association commit us to delivering positive environmental outcomes. 

Key achievements 


  • Brought forward £300 million of investment in Water Industry National Environment
  • Programme through green recovery plan, at no additional cost to customers 
  • Continued success of ‘Slug it Out’ programme 
  • Reduced number of pollutions by 20 per cent  
  • Exceptional water recycling centre compliance: 99.29 per cent 

Leading on green recovery  

We set out our five-point plan for a green recovery in September; collating a series of commitments and highlighting the future we want to see on net zero carbon, accelerating sustainable housing and infrastructure growth, creating green jobs and boosting skills growth, delivering climate change adaptation and resilience and enabling nature recovery. The plan was instrumental in securing the acceleration of £300 million of planned investment in our region’s environment, including dozens of new treatment wetlands and innovative river restoration schemes. 

Improving soil quality  

We work proactively with farmers and landowners across our region to help them adopt catchment-based approaches and manage risks to water quality. We’ve seen continued success through our Slug it Out metaldehyde reduction programme this year, including extension to an additional catchment in Lincolnshire.

Tackling pollution  

Preventing pollution is a fundamental part of our remit. Through the delivery of our ninestep Pollution Incident Reduction Plan, we’ve achieved a 20 per cent reduction in the volume of pollutions this year which we anticipate will enable us to regain our 3* Environmental Performance Assessment status in July. We’re also increasing monitoring of storm overflows to assess how best to target investment to benefit the environment and engaging with the Government’s Storm Overflows Taskforce to accelerate progress, share best practice and technology and develop long-term solutions.

Reducing abstraction

A key way in which we’re improving ecological quality across our catchments is by reducing the amount of water we abstract from major aquifers in our region, which feed many precious and rare chalkstreams and wetlands.