Sewerage abatements

We calculate 90% of the water used by most households will flow back into sewers for recycling. A 10% allowance is made for things like watering the garden.

You could increase this allowance if you can show us that less water is being released back into the public sewers. For example if you have:


  • a pond
  • a swimming pool
  • a spa or hot tub
  • a grey water harvesting system

that isn't connected to the public drainage system.


Lawn and seasonal watering allowances can also be requested.


For more information or to request an application form, please call us on 03457 919 155.


Where we bill sewerage charges on behalf of another company, customers should see the relevant companies website for specific information on their charging policy.


Sub meters

Having a sub meter fitted to an external supply like a garden tap can also help reduce your bill. Because the water you use in the garden doesn’t go back into the sewers, we can adjust the amount you are paying for sewerage services once you provide us with a reading from the sub meter.*


*We don’t supply or fit sub meters, so if you would like one you will need to arrange for it to be fitted and supply us with the readings.