Plugholes and toilets bowls are for used water and not general waste. And although you might not think cooking fat and wet wipes will cause sewer pipe blockages, we can assure you, they do.


So what’s the problem?

If we put things like fat, oil and grease (FOG) down our sinks, and sanitary waste and wipes (known as unflushables) down the loo, it can block sewer pipes and pumps, flooding homes and gardens and spilling into local rivers and waterways.

Over half of the 40,000 sewer blockages in our region are caused by FOG and unflushables.  As a result our Keep it Clear campaign supports residents to reduce these blockages. So far, they’ve dropped by an average of 52%.

Our Keep It Clear campaign helps reduce the misery, cost, bad smells and potential flooding and pollution caused by avoidable blockages.

Can you adopt the Keep it Clear habit and spread the word?