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Our meter fitting programme

Switching to measured water as part of our meter fitting programme, could save you money.

Water Meter fitting

We're in one of the driest parts of the country so we are helping you to have control of your usage by installing a water meter. The meter is fitted free of charge and once installed, you’re given choice to either pay a flat fee for water or pay for the water you use. We think the second option's a lot fairer, but making the switch is entirely up to you.

Find out if our metering programme is coming to your neighbourhood.


Our programme has three easy steps:

1. Survey - we'll find the best place to fit your free water meter
2. Install - where possible, we'll fit the meter outside your property
3. Choose - we'll give you an information pack to help you decide whether switching to metered water is the best option for you.


There's no need to register for a survey because we'll be in touch as part of the programme.


It's your choice

You don't have to switch to measured charges, it's up to you, but many who do find they save an average of £150 a year.


If you change your mind

If you do switch but you don't make the expected savings, you can go back to unmetered bills anytime within two years using our switchback guarantee.


For a metered property, the charge is based on volume of water used and/or a charge for sewerage, which is usually calculated to be 90% of the water supplied, plus a standing charge. Find out more here.


What if the metering programme isn't coming to your area?

If the programme isn’t rolling out in your neighbourhood you can still request a water meter fitting.


Find out about getting a water meter fitted


The Big Bits & Bobs giveaway

To help you save water and possibly reduce your bill, take advantage of free water-saving advice in your home. During our visit we'll give tips on how to save water and cut your bills. Where possible, we’ll supply and fit water-saving products (our Bits & Bobs).