Hello Peterborough

We’re working to create a more sustainable future for all our customers in your ever-growing city.
A huge £27million is being invested in your area.

We’re out and about in your neighbourhood upgrading local sewers
Creating this more advanced network will help make way for new homes and keep your toilets flushing. We’ll do it all while keeping your roads moving too.
Supporting the next generation
We’re supporting secondary schools in Peterborough including Jack Hunt, Arthur Mellows and the King’s School with employability lessons. Activities include mock interviews to prepare pupils for the world of work, employability panel events, presentations about early careers at Anglian Water and a virtual presentation to parents
Using SMART technology
We’ll also be out and about fitting 90,000 homes with smart meters to help everyone understand how much water they’re using day-to-day. This will help our customers save water and money whilst protecting the environment.


Find out how else we're investing across your area below: 

Our investment in Peterborough:


1 Thorpe Road
We’re invested in a sewer replacement and repair scheme here to maintain and prolong the life of the sewer pipes, protecting the local environment for years to come.
2 Cathedral Square
We’re designing a sustainable drainage system for Cathedral Square. The paved surfaces here in the city centre make it hard for rainwater to escape, which can lead to flooding. Sustainable drainage schemes are the latest advancement in green engineering and will help reduce the risk of flooding by allowing rainwater to drain away naturally without harming the environment.
3 Flag Fen
Peterborough’s main Water Recycling Centre at Flag Fen will get a major £16 million upgrade to make way for new homes and businesses. It will help keep toilets flushing and the environment flourishing. Peterborough is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, so we’re investing to keep ahead of the curve with all that’s coming to this area.
4 Potters Way
We’ve invested in a sewer replacement and repair scheme here to maintain and prolong the life of the sewer pipes, protecting the local environment for years to come.
5 Yaxley
We’re protecting homes for the future with two flood alleviation schemes in Yaxley. This will help us handle heavy rain and reduce the risk of flooding in bad weather.
6 Great Haddon
By laying new water pipes in Great Haddon we’ll supply water to an additional 4,000 homes near Peterborough, so we can keep your taps flowing as normal.
7 Folksworth
We will be updating around 2.4km of water pipes in the area, to avoid bursts and leaks in the future.
8 Thorpe Wood
Our engineering HQ is based In Peterborough, and everyday hundreds of dedicated experts living in the city go to work to protect the environment and make life better for our customers. We’re always on the hunt for future talent too. That’s why we offer excellent apprenticeships and work with local schools to inspire the next generation of engineers. Visit anglianwatercareers.co.uk to discover opportunities and learn about life at Anglian Water.
9 Rutland Water Park
Rutland Water and Grafham Water are popular tourist attractions but not everyone realises these scenic parks are owned and managed by Anglian Water. The reservoirs supply much of the water that comes out of your tap in this county. It’s treated to a world-class standard and then travels through miles of pipes to reach your home. So next time you’re walking or cycling round one of these Green Flag parks, take in the views and quench your thirst with a glass of the local ‘brew’ on tap.
10 Werrington
Proud Peterborough residents have four Anglian Water-funded Rivercare groups – more than anywhere else. Volunteers clear litter, protect the river and the species that call it home.