Improving the water network in Daventry

Installing new water pipes in Daventry

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The Anglian Water region is one of the driest and fastest growing in the UK. By 2025 we expect to serve 3.3million households, with over 200,000 new homes connecting to our sewer network; about 180,000 to our water network. To enable this growth, we must invest in many projects across our region, to enhance capacity in our sewer network and to provide water pipes for new homes.

One of these planned projects is to install 2km of new water pipes in Daventry. This vital work will ensure that thousands of customers can continue to use their taps and flush their toilets without a second thought.

We are planning to start work on 12 July 2021 and expect to be finished by the end of February 2022.


Why are we doing this work?

East Anglia is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, and by 2031, household numbers are predicted to increase by 34%. This means that we need to invest in schemes across our region to meet this increasing demand.

This £2million project will enable us to supply water to residents of new developments planned in the area, while maintaining water pressures to our existing customers in the area. If we did not undertake this work, thousands of customers could suffer low water pressure and possible interruptions to supply in the future.


What does this mean to me and my community?

We are investing £2million to ensure that as demand in the area grows your water pressure is maintained. If we did not do this work, more than 500 properties would experience low pressure and possible interruptions to their water supply in the coming years.

We need to construct a pipe which will connect points A and B on the map here. Point A is the location of a strategic water main which brings water to the Daventry area from our Borough Hill reservoir. Point B is the connection point for the new developments, to supply water to the new homes being built in the area. This bypasses the water network that is currently supplying our existing customers in Daventry, meaning that there will not be any disruption to your water supply.


Frequently asked questions

What hours will you be working?

Our normal working hours will be between 07:30 – 18:30. To reduce the overall impact to the local community we will have two site teams working at the same time installing our new pipe to minimise our time on site and disruption to the community.

To complete this work safely, it was essential that we install a series of road closures and temporary diversion routes. We worked with a qualified traffic management company to design a traffic management plan that is legal, safe and that minimises the disruption to the community as much as possible. This traffic management plan was agreed by the Local Highway Authority.


Please be assured that we only install road closures where lesser methods of traffic management are not suitable.


Phase Location Start date End date Diversion route

A45 - Layby Closure only

12 July 2021 01 August 2021  

London Road – Road Closure

(London Road Roundabout to A45 layby)

02 August 2021 29 August 2021 Click here to view our official diversion route

London Road – Road Closure

(Junction of Western Avenue to London Road Roundabout)

13 September 2021 22 October 2021 Click here to view our official diversion route

Western Avenue – Road Closure

(Junction of Christchurch Drive to London Road)

25 October 2021 22 December 2021 Click here to view our official diversion route
4 Western Avenue – Road Closure
(Junction of Badby Road to Christchurch Drive)
26 July 2021 10 September 2021 Click here to view our official diversion route
5 Badby Road – 4-way Traffic Lights 12 July 2021 23 July 2021  


Yes, you will always have access to your property or business from one end of the closure or the other.

There may be an impact to your water supply during this work, if needed it will be for no longer than 3 hours and you will be notified beforehand.

As our site teams will be working in the roads, residents will see and hear them working. This will be general construction noise and will be quite loud during certain activities, such as when we break out the road surface. Our working areas will be safely segregated using a barrier system.

We will work in 1-200metre sections, setting up a safety zone, excavating, installing and connecting the new pipe and then backfilling and reinstating. Our site team will do everything they can to keep disruption to a minimum.

Yes, the footpaths will remain open, and our working area will be safely segregated. Please take care when passing.

You can give us your feedback here.

If you have any queries about this work, you can email Alternatively, you can contact our 24/7 customer services helpline on 03457 145 145.

Our teams are following the latest Government advice regarding social distancing. As key workers we are continuing to work hard providing one of life’s essential services - keeping taps flowing, toilets flushing, and drains draining.

If you’re self-isolating, our teams will take the necessary precautions if we do need to visit you. Our priority is always to keep both you and our colleagues safe. If you want further information on the steps we’re taking, please click here.

If you’re in one of the high-risk groups identified by the Government as having a medical condition that makes you especially vulnerable to Coronavirus, we’d urge you to sign up to our Priority Services Register by visiting or so we can support you in the best way.

Our free Priority Service is available to households that need additional practical support. Tell us what you need. Or let us know about elderly or vulnerable relatives or friends living in our region who may need some help.

Please call us on 03457 145 145 for more information on our Priority Service or find out more here.

Initially we planned to install most of the pipeline through fields to the South of Daventry, however, our investigations highlighted that this area has a history of landslides and would not be suitable for construction work of this nature. Installing the pipe through this area of risk could have led to a landslide onto the A45. We were also unable to utilise the land north of the A45 because of the locations of scheduled monuments and other pipes already in the ground. Our only alternative is to install the pipe through the highways, as shown on the route map here.

Our teams will be working on two fronts, with one team starting at the Western end of the route and the other team starting in the East. We will be working 7 days a week on the A45 section and installing some of it in the layby to reduce our time on this section from 9 to 4.5 weeks. We may also work longer hours and weekends on other sections where required, although it is important to give our teams a well-deserved break.

At the A45/ Western Avenue roundabout, we will use a directional drilling technique which will enable us to keep the roundabout open to traffic between the A45 (Stefen Way) and the A425.

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