Anglian Water

A quick guide to your water company

Saving every drop

Our region suffered from a serious environmental drought from summer 2011 to summer 2012 leading to our first hosepipe ban since 1990.
This was not a decision which we took lightly, but we felt a hosepipe ban for domestic customers was the most responsible action we could take to safeguard supplies.
The hosepipe ban was lifted in June 2012 following the wettest April to June on record. 
This helped dramatically improve water levels across the Anglian region...
  • Whether restrictions on water use are in place or not it is very important that we all do what we can to save water and secure supplies long into the future.
  • We're doing what we can to save water and are investing in projects to improve our infrastructure and our resilience to drought.
  • Minimising the amount of water lost to leaks is very important to us - everyday we have 200 people finding and fixing leaks.
  • Anglian Water has one of UK’s best records for detecting and tackling leaks, but we need to do more. This is why we are spending £60 million between now and 2020 on driving down leakage.We're also asking our customers to do what they can to help save water. We have launched a water efficiency campaign called Drop20 which calls on customers to reduce their daily consumption by 20 litres a day - around two buckets full.
  • Tips on saving drops and our Drop20 campaign are available here 

Our customers

  • We supply 4.3 million customers with high quality drinking water, and collect used water from over 6 million customers across the East of England.
  • Almost two million visitors are welcomed to one of our many water parks and recreational sites each year.    

Investing in the regions future 

  • Since privatisation in 1989, Anglian Water has invested £10.7 billion (at 12-13 prices) improving services in our region.
  • We’re investing £2.1 billion in the region between 2010 and 2015 to improve our services, and will invested a further £5bn between now and 2020 to continue these improvements.

The Anglian Water region

  • We are geographically the largest water and sewerage company in England and Wales, covering 20% of the land area (27,476 Km²).
  • This is the driest region in the UK, with only two thirds of the national average rainfall each year (approximately 600mm).
  • We serve the fastest growing parts of the UK with a predicted 34 per cent growth in the number of households by 2031.
  • Our region has over 3,300 Km of rivers and the UK’s only wetland national park – the Norfolk Broads.

Drinking water supply

  • We operate 143 water treatment works.
  • Supplying over 1 billion litres of water every day.
  • To 2 million households and 124,063 businesses.
  • We operate and maintain 38,185 Km (23,727 miles) of water mains. Laid end to end this is further than a trip to Sydney and back!
  • Your drinking water starts off in one of 209 boreholes, nine reservoirs and nine rivers. We also operate and maintain 328 water towers and storage points on our network.
  • Each year we carry out over 350,000 tests to make sure our water is top quality.
  • The amount of water used today is slightly less than we used in 1989, despite 27% more properties. 

Pay for what you use

  • Almost 80% of Anglian Water customers currently have a water meter, but we are targeting 95% by 2020.
  • We believe that meters are the fairest way to charge people for their water; if you don’t use it then you don’t pay for it.
  • Customers are encouraged to switch to meters. It is entirely free of charge and if you are not happy you can switch back at any point in the first two years. Last year over 28 thousand households chose to have a water meter fitted.
  • A household with a meter saves on average £100 a year on their bill and uses between five and 15% less water than non-metered houses.

Recycling used water

  • Anglian Water operates 1,128 water recycling centres.
  • Collecting and treating used water from 2.5 million households and 124,063 businesses.
  • We collect approximately 927 million litres of used water everyday.
  • Which reaches us through the 76,000 Km (47,181 miles) of sewers which we operate and maintain. Laid end to end this is almost twice around the earth’s circumference.    

Our people

  • There are over 4,000 of us here at Anglian Water.
  • In total, we employ around 11,000 direct and indirect staff across the East of England.

Environmental custodians

  • 16% of the energy we use comes from renewable sources, such as gas and bio solids. In the last five years we’ve tripled the amount of renewable energy we produce. 
  • We generate 14GWh of energy per year from our renewable energy sources. The average house uses 3,500 KWh per year.
  • River water is the cleanest it has been since the industrial revolution because of the millions invested in used water treatment processes.
  • 100% of the bathing water beaches in our region reached the standard of ‘mandatory compliance’, and they have done for ten consecutive years.
  • 16 blue flags flew at beaches along Anglian Water region’s coastline in 2016, along with 17 Seaside Awards. All bar one of the bathing waters in Anglian Water’s region meet the new tighter standards. 
  • Our strong record on water quality means is resulting in the return of species such as kingfishers, otters and water voles to the British countryside.