Drought plan

Want to know our plans to cope with water shortage because of a drought?

We all know it’s better to be well prepared in case of challenging circumstances. As part of our statutory requirements, at Anglian Water we’ve updated our Drought Plan which details our response to potential droughts in our region. 

Our new Drought Plan was published in June 2020, following a public consultation between February and April 2019. 


Our Drought Plan 2019 is made up of several documents, including the full plan, a summary, appendices and environmental assessments. These are available for download below.


We are currently drafting a new Drought Plan for public consultation in 2021.


Final drought plan 2019

Water Resources Management Plan 2019

We have to plan for the future – for a time when there will be more people, different weather patterns, warmer temperatures, and probably less rain. 


Every five years we produce a Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP), which describes how, for the next 25 years, we’ll cope with these challenges and still keep the balance between the water we want, and the water we’ve actually got. We have recently updated our WRMP, which you can read here. Our Drought Plan links closely with our Water Resources Management Plan.