Norwich to Wymondham pipeline

We’re building a new network of interconnecting water pipelines, including a pipeline from Norwich to Wymondham.


Click here to see a map of the route


We shared the route of the 12.5km pipeline, which starts near Little Melton - to the east of the Norwich Southern Bypass - and ends at the existing High Oak reservoir, in Wymondham, in our 2021 March newsletter.


It will connect into our existing water network to ensure we can continue to meet demand from population growth in the area, and to replace the supply from local ground water sources, which are subject to environmental restrictions from April 2022.


What have we done so far? 


In November 2021 we started to prepare areas along the route so that our main work – specifically, laying water pipes – could begin.  

This ‘enabling work’ included setting up compounds where staff and equipment are based. We have one main compound near the High Oak Water Treatment works at Wymondham.


We also created some laydown areas, which have been used to store sections of pipe and other construction materials and equipment and some included welfare cabins. These areas have been strategically placed along the route.


The main compound and laydown areas have secure perimeter fences and working sites have some security or safety lighting which is used as required.


Our work has also meant that we had to remove a small number of hedgerows. We have installed specialised camouflaged fences to ensure bats, who use hedgerows for navigation, don’t lose their way.


The main construction work commenced in January 2022 and our teams have made significant progress over the winter months and the last part of pipe shall be laid into the ground within the first couple of weeks of April.

This will be followed by installing a series of connections and components such as water valves and oxygen chambers throughout the route. We will also be linking up new pipes and connections at our facilities at High Oak and Little Melton.


Once all these fixtures are in place we will start out next phase which is ‘commissioning’. This process is where we test the pipes. This will take approximately one month to complete.


We are anticipating that the pipes will be in service to bring you a new water supply source from summer 2022.


Working hours


The working hours on site will be Monday to Friday , 7am to 7pm with weekend working when permitted to do so.




We have used a "pipe plough" – a machine which cuts through the ground and lays our pipes at the same time.


t will mean there aren't any open excavations and reduce the space we need to work (to a maximum of 15 metres). It also means the work will be completed faster and reduce our carbon footprint.


Traffic management


You can keep up to date with all our planned traffic management on the ‘In Your Area’ section of the Anglian Water website, here.