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Water resources management plan

This plan – updated every five years - outlines how we’ll maintain a sustainable balance between water supply and demand over the next 25 years.

It describes how we propose to invest in forecasting, planning and managing demand (known as demand management) and how we’ll develop new water resources.

Our services must cater for an increasing population and support economic growth. We need to factor in climate change, be prepared for future droughts and protect our environment.

We also need to adopt different measures to ensure everyone has enough water, uses water more efficiently in homes and businesses and wastes less. In addition we’re looking to provide more storage and find new water sources.

The consultation period for our draft Water Resources Management Plan 2019, detailing how we’ll manage water resources between 2020 and 2045, ended on 1 June 2018 and we’re currently updating it to reflect your feedback. Find out more about our draft Plan here.

Our current Plan, published in 2015, covers the period from 2015-2040. Key elements include:

  • supporting water efficiency, so you only use the water you need
  • reducing the number of leaks from the pipes transporting water
  • transferring water from areas with  a surplus to those with a shortage
  • developing long-term additional supplies.

Water Resource Management Plan


To ensure any future investment to create new resources or transfer water doesn’t harm the environment, we put together an Environmental Assessment Report. 


The Environmental Assessment Report and Appendices, our Habitats Regulation Assessment and the earlier 2010 Environmental Assessment, can be viewed below.

For more information

If you’d like to see the tables and technical reports that support our Water Resource Management plan, or would like further information on future trading opportunities/needs, email us.