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Love Every Drop is about us embracing the challenges we face and transforming our business into a water company fit for the future.

We have made a start and are doing great things as a business to secure future water supply for our region, but we know there’s a long way to go yet.

Love Every Drop is about us embracing the challenges we face and transforming our business into a water company for the 21st century.

Water encapsulates the challenges and opportunities of our time. It is the key to a thriving economy and a flourishing environment. By raising awareness of water’s importance, by changing how we think about and use it, Anglian Water wants to lead the way towards a sustainable future.

That future calls for new thinking and a resolve to work together. We want to lead by example, demonstrating and encouraging the innovation and collaboration that will help transform our world. The challenges of drought, flooding, resource efficiency, environmental protection and encouraging behavioural change are not faced by us alone. That is why we want to work more closely with other sectors who share these challenges and help our employees, partners and suppliers embrace innovation for a more sustainable world.

This is why one of the three pillars of our business culture is Innovation.
We’ve already made real progress in instilling innovation into everyday business. Here are just a few examples;

  • We play a key role in the national Innovation Leadership Group, chaired by Defra. This group has developed a strategy to align UK research and innovation programmes with national priorities like energy, climate change and wealth creation.
  • The Water Innovation Network (WIN) has been developed to ensure that innovative solutions are seen by the right people, to get new ideas into the heart of Anglian Water’s business.
  • Our award winning in-house display unit, designed in collaboration with Green Energy Options, allows customers to see exactly how much water they’re using and to set a ‘water budget’.
  • We have developed and patented a new way to condition sewage sludge prior to treatment called HpH (Heating, Pasteurisation, Hydrolysis). This process also generates 5% more methane gas, which we convert into electricity. This innovation has saved Anglian Water around £3 million in capital expenditure and the increases in gas production will lead to a further operational cost benefit of more than £400,000 a year.
  • Our BeachAware system uses state of the art technology and data handling systems to allow us to provide beach owners, the Environment Agency and others with near real-time information on water quality in our coastal waters.


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