Help paying your water bill

The last few years have felt very different for all of us and we understand, now more than ever, how your circumstances may change unexpectedly.

Here for you when you need it most​

That’s why our Extra Care team are here if you need support with your water bill, they can make sure you’re on the right tariff with options such as LITE and Extra LITE tariffs, look at payment plans to help you budget, help you to apply for our priority services register and guide you towards other help and benefits available. ​


We never stop looking for ways to help our customers, so if you're worried about paying your bill or need practical support, see all of our support services and tariff options available here.

Your charges explained​

To make sure you always get the best value service, we review our water and sewerage charges every February, with any changes then applying from 1st April 2022 till 31st March 2023. From April 2022 average water bills will be increasing by an additional 6p per day – this helps us to continue to create a sustainable future for our region and protect our most precious resource, water. ​

The table below shows the average water usage by occupancy for up to 5 people in one household in our region. It highlights the changes to our charges from 2021/22 to 2022/23 and what that might mean for you. It is estimated that one person will use an average of 53 cubic meters of water per annum, meaning that the changes to charges for 2022/23 will cause an increase by 6.4% - £17.58 in their annual bill.

Average water use by occupancy

All data shown in the table are estimations of average household usages and include all fixed charges. To see a more accurate assessment of your water usage and bill charges simply use our water usage calculator. You can also read more about our metered and unmetered charges for both 2021-22 and 2022-23 here. If you’re worried about your bill, our Extra Care team are specially-trained to support you with tariff options, payment plans and more – we’re here for you, when you need it most. 


Frequently Asked Questions​
We understand that changes to your bill may mean you have some additional questions as to why and what charges are being spent on. That’s why we’ve provided answers to the most commonly asked questions here.

Struggling to understand your bill? Find more about the story behind your bill here.