High water use

If your meter reading is higher than expected, it may be due to changes at home.

Perhaps there are more people in your property or a new addition, you’ve had visitors staying or your lifestyle is different, for example, you’re retired.


These are the most likely reasons for an increase in usage as more water will be used if more people are at home or you’re there for longer periods of time.


If this isn’t the case, your appliances or plumbing could be causing a usage increase. Perhaps you’ve had a new water appliance installed, like a power shower, or there’s a problem with a running overflow/dripping tap? Maybe you’ve had a water softener fitted/the existing system isn’t working properly, or your toilet overflow runs continually.

Faulty fittings can waste water and increase your usage.


If it’s not something inside your home, you may want to consider other options. Has the weather or a new lawn caused you to water your garden more than usual, have you undertaken any internal or external building work or filled a pond or swimming or large paddling pool?


All contribute to additional usage.

If none of these scenarios apply to you, it would be a good idea to carry out some leak checks.


Converted properties


In some cases, particularly when older properties have been converted into flats, the occupants could still be drawing upon a single water supply. So rather than indicating a possible leak, the meter could be recording water being used by a neighbour or neighbours.


If you feel this may be the case, call us on 03457 145 145 and we'll be happy to investigate.