Our aim for all partnerships is to work together to bring about lasting change and positive outcomes to the communities we serve and environments areas we protect. 

Working together with ECAS​​
ECAS (Environmental Compliance and Services) are our chosen contract partners to help keep our sewer pipes clear and free flowing. As sewer misuse experts, they have a proven track record of helping water companies – in the UK and abroad – to significantly reduce blockages, sewer floods, and pollution incidents through engagement, education, and enforcement activities.


Proudly representing our brand, you’ll see them out and about visiting food service establishments in our region. They educate kitchen staff on how to make sure their fats, oils, and grease (FOG) doesn’t end up in our sewer network and cause blockages.​

If you have recently had an ECAS visit they will have given you a list of companies that can provide grease trapping solutions, where some offer the full service proposition.

This includes companies that:

  • Supply ethically sourced and sustainably produced cooking oil​
  • Provide grease removal equipment once the oil is used​
  • Are sustainable with their processes
  • Minimise waste​


We understand the costs involved with using equipment such as grease traps, can sometimes come at a high price so, we've also included our partners who provide financing options to help with payments ​

Please note that this list is not exclusive and not a recommended supplier list.. As a Food Service Establishment, you may use alternative suppliers as you have the responsibility to ensure that the equipment is installed by properly licensed plumbing professionals. You can learn more about the importance of getting the right grease trap installed here.


List of equipment suppliers