Online STEM lessons

As part of our ongoing work with schools across the Anglian Water region, we’re pleased to offer a suite of 14 interactive STEM based sessions that you can access online and deliver to your class


The aim of the sessions is to help pupils think about water; how it is vital to life; what we need it for; where it comes from; how it is cleaned and sent to your homes and how we can all use water wisely. Not forgetting the process of cleaning our used water and returning it to the environment. 


The sessions will (for the most part) follow a similar format:

• Short introductory video/ talk or information sharing

• Short investigation

• Long challenge or activity 



Here is the  lesson overview for the first 12 , the objectives, activities and challenges involved in each of the sessions including Session information sheets, Activity sheets and Supporting session sheets. 

Lesson 1 - The water cycle 


Lesson 2 - How do we clean water


Lesson 3 - Water use in your home


Lesson 4 - Being waterwise


Lesson 5 - Too much water


Lesson 6 - Water use in your home - Results

Lesson 7 - Cleaning used water

Lesson 8 - You put what down the toilet?

Lesson 9 - Water for wildlife

Lesson 10 - Water for Wildlife - Birds

Lesson 11 - Minibeasts galore 

Lesson 12 - What do I know about water

Lesson 13 - The Rutland Sea Dragon

Lesson 14 - Investigating the Rutland Sea Dragon

There are lots of interactive investigations and challenge activities which can be used as standalone sessions or to create a whole topic.

We hope your pupils enjoy the sessions and have fun learning about water!