Secondary resources

New Sustainability lessons


We are delighted to introduce you to a series of 8 lessons designed with Developing Experts. The lessons link to Key stage 3's science and PSHE National Curriculum and have been designed to help pupils consider the impact humans have on the environment. Topics including water treatment, Used Water treatment,  renewable energy generation, hard and soft water, plastics, Carbon cycle and climate change and are linked to everyday examples.


Sustainability with Anglian Water unit
1. Understand Water Sustainability
2. Explore Plastics in Water
3. Discover how Anglian Water's sewage works are being converted into "green" energy
4. Understand how Anglian Water is committed to becoming a net zero carbon business
5. Discover how grease is dealt with in water
6. Learn about soft and hard water
7. Explore climate change and water
8. Investigate the Carbon Cycle

Water is our most precious resource and we all have a responsibility to look after it. To help support learning about water in schools and community groups we have a range of free downloadable resources, covering everything from the water cycle to how to look after the water in our environment.


Recently, the fossilised remains of Britain’s largest ichthyosaur, colloquially known as the Rutland Sea Dragon, were discovered at the Rutland Water Nature Reserve.


To celebrate we have some exciting new reources to support your pupils learning


Secondary Sea Dragon assembly

Secondary Sea dragon teachers notes


Water recycling process leaflet

Downloadable poster showing an overview of the water recycling process.

Change the world, one drop at a time

Climate change pack designed to help you and your students at Key Stages 3 and 4 understand the issues of climate change in a local setting. It also links to the geography modules of the Curriculum.

Growing for the future 

Explore our Growing for the future pack, where your pupils can create their own sustainable water gardens to grow their own fruit and veg. We’ll advise on what to plant and how to create a sustainable garden that needs little water.

School water audit

This free water audit pack can help you and your students (primary and secondary), reduce water use at school. It’s particularly useful if you’re working on the Eco Schools water topic and will help you achieve your Green Flag. The audit also supports your school action plan, collecting data on your school’s water use and involving your community.

Our Eco Schools Resources page can help you achieve Eco Schools awards. 


Make rain happy


Our make rain happy pack is a free online resource that highlights the impact of more people and growing towns have on the local environment and  looks at sustainable ways to return rain water back into the water cycle.


It provides:

  • an introduction to Sustainable Drainage Solutions (SuDS)
  • Their importance in helping to protect our environment
  • what we’re doing at Anglian Water to help prevent flooding
  • class challenges to understand SuDS
  • top tips and activities to help you include SuDS features in your home, school or community.