Our purpose is bring environmental and social prosperity to our region through our commitment to Love Every Drop.

Water is vital to health and wellbeing, to the economic prosperity of the East of England, and to maintaining a thriving natural environment that we can all enjoy.


Yet we face growing challenges to supply from population growth in our region and the escalating climate emergency. To meet these challenges, we all have to play our part in balancing the needs of society, business and the environment to enable a sustainable future.

At Anglian Water we have always recognised the special responsibility we hold as a monopoly provider of an essential public service. We have a duty to deliver wider benefits to society, above and beyond the provision of fresh, clean water.


That responsibility is woven throughout our long-term Strategic Direction Statement and our five-year business plan, which are shaped around the need to facilitate growth in our region, unlock opportunities for our customers and stakeholders, safeguard our environment and provide a resilient supply for generations to come.


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