Designing a public sewer

When designing a public sewer, your proposals should achieve compliance with the details provided in the ‘Design & Construction Guidance’ (DCG), which forms part of the Sewerage Codes for Adoption. Further information regarding the code and a copy of the approved documents can be found on Water UK’s website.


Anglian Water has removed its standard construction details following the implementation of ‘Design & Construction Guidance’ (DCG). The standard details provided in the DCG should be relied upon when forming your design and reference to these should be provided in your application drawings where appropriate.

We will shortly publish construction details for drainage assets not covered in the DCG, such as flow control chambers, valve chambers and deep manholes (over 6m). These details will comply with the requirements of the DCG and provide a starting point for your design, to be finalised during the appraisal process. These details will be meant for guidance purposes only.   

The downloadable documents provided below give further guidance when designing a public sewer.

We would draw your attention to the Compliance Checklist documents, which are used by our Drainage Engineers when completing their technical assessment. You may wish to complete a Compliance Checklist and include this with your application for review.


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