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Important Notice – Telemetry Hardware for Pumping Stations


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Our Legal & Telemetry team liaise with our customer’s legal team and Anglian Water Legal in relation to the creation and distribution of all agreements related to sewer adoptions and diversions.


They also deal with the co-ordination of any pumping stations that form part of any Section 104, Section 30, Section 185 and Section 102 agreements.


This includes the purchasing of equipment, the co-ordination of the installation, commissioning and monitoring of the telemetry system which is required for all adoptable pumping stations.  Take a look at our step-by-step telemetry process.


We have produced some guidance on some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers to help support you in progressing your agreement and enabling us to deliver your agreement in the most effective time possible.


How long will it take to receive my agreement?

Upon receipt of the completed advice note and associated drawings we will prepare and despatch engrossments within 10 working days.  If further information is required we will contact you to explain what is required before engrossments can be produced


Can I amend the agreement?

We do not allow any amendments to the body of the agreement. Amendments to names, addresses, attestations, etc. are permitted but we would ask that you contact us prior to amendments being made.


What are engrossments?

We refer to the bound and uncompleted agreement as engrossments.


What proof of title is acceptable?

For completion purposes we require up to date copies of the Official Copy of the Register, or a Certificate of Title document completed by a Solicitor.  A copy of the template for this can be provided upon request.


What type of surety/bond is acceptable?

A cash deposit can be provided. If this is selected we will send an Invitation to Pay (ITP) at the appropriate time.  If a surety provider is selected please note they must be a UK registered entities and be Financial Conduct Authority approved sureties under Class 15 “Classes of Insurance” – Suretyship


Can I update the drawing revisions within the agreement?

The drawings listed within the engrossments are the technical approved revisions.  Any revision may require further technical vetting (there may be a further fee for this).  We would therefore ask that you provide the drawings prior to any amendments being made for this to be assessed.


When can I complete the agreement?

Once all parties have signed the engrossments, they should be returned to our Legal & Telemetry team.  We will then ensure they are signed and sealed by our in-house solicitors. Whilst this is being undertaken we will ensure we have the correct title documentation, and that all fees have been paid in full.  If everything is received and is correct we will look to complete at the earliest opportunity.



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