Developing a new non-household site

Commercial properties need a connection to the water supply and to be connected to the sewer. This page gives information about developing non-household sites and what you need to consider for their water supply.

How to create a new connection to the water supply


You will need to connect your development to the water main. If you are developing a site in a built-up area, this is likely to be found in the road nearby. For a rural development, you will probably need to run a longer service pipe to the water main. 


Every commercial property will need its own water connection. What kind of connection you need will depend on the size and type of your development. We might need to make changes to our network if you are creating a development which will need a lot of water.


For non-household developments or if applying for a temporary building supply, at the point of connection you will need to have selected a water retailer.


To read more and for guidance on selecting a retailer, please visit the Open Water website.

How to connect to the sewerage system

You must apply to connect your new commercial site to our sewer system. Please go to our page on how to connect to the public sewer to do this and get more information.


It is illegal to connect to the public sewer without permission.

Where to find more information

Please see our pre-development pages for more information about how we can help you with capacity checks and develop solutions for your water supply.


For costs, please see our current Summary of Charges.