Developing a new residential site

You will probably need a new water main if you are building a residential development with multiple homes or commercial properties. You may also need to consider laying new sewers.

Anglian Water is working to save water and developers are encouraged to use sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). This helps to support growth across our region.


We can help you work out what your needs are and create a suitable design through our pre-development service.

Pre-development service


Our pre-development team provides sustainable solutions to enable growth while protecting our existing and future customers. We can help you with a pre-planning report, which is typically used to support applications for 10 or more dwellings.

Constructing a new water main

Developments with their own road or access will probably require a new water main. For details on how to apply, please see our page on applying for a new water main.

We will design and construct the new water main and make your new water connections. Alternatively, you can choose to self-lay water mains and services.


Please note, at the point of connection for commercial properties, you will need to have selected a retailer.


To read more and for guidance on selecting a retailer, please visit the Open Water website.


How to connect to the sewage system

There are different ways of connecting to the public sewer depending on the circumstances of your development.

Anglian Water does not construct sewers but we can adopt them. If you would like us to adopt new sewers for your development, you need to design and construct them to the appropriate standards.

For more information about how to connect to the sewerage system, including designing a public sewer and how to get new sewers adopted, please visit our drainage services section.

It is illegal to connect to the public sewer without permission.