Codes for Adoption

What are 'Codes for Adoption'?

The Water Act 2014 introduced changes to the Water Industry Act 1991 (WIA91) requiring Ofwat to issue statutory codes for adoption agreements. These are the agreements that developers or self-lay providers (SLPs) enter into when they want an appointed water or sewerage company to take over responsibility for infrastructure they have constructed. They are the agreements entered into under Section 51A WIA91 for water infrastructure, and under Section 104 WIA91 for sewerage infrastructure.

The Codes were introduced by Ofwat to ensure a consistent approach in the sector, that developers, new appointees and SLPs, are provided with confidence that they will receive the services they want from water companies to enable their own business in providing contestable services.

The water code documentation was approved by Ofwat in September 2020. The approved set of documents can be found below and also on the Water UK website.

Codes for Adoption went live on 1 January 2021.

In preparation, all water companies are required to publish certain documents.

We are pleased to share our documentation below, which we will continue to add over the coming weeks.

Design and Construction Specification (DCS)

The Anglian Water Design and Construction Specification can be found here.

Local Practices

The DCS allows Anglian Water to introduce a local practice in certain permitted areas where our operational requirements are not adequately covered in the document.

Annual Contestability Summary (ACS)

The connection work that is open to competition is known as “contestable” work. This category includes the majority of work a Developer needs to serve a new development and includes all work to lay and test new mains and services. Water Companies have a responsibility to maintain wholesome water supplies to Customers, some higher risk work may be defined as “non-contestable” and can normally only be carried out by the Water Company itself.

We will publish our ACS each year and evolve the document to enable further contestability each year.

You can view our Annual Contestability Summary here.

Further information on the ACS can be found on page 5 of the Water Sector Guidance (WSG).

Our team and named contacts

Should you wish to discuss your scheme or are not satisfied with the level of service you have received, you may wish to talk to our team directly.


Don Maher Head of NHH Market Services 07885 135217

James Ball

Head of Developer Services Delivery

07540 120730

Arun Pointin

Senior Competition Economist

Andrew George

Programme Manager-East

07711 879734

Graham Lenton

Programme Manager-West

07885 135612

Gavin Stanley

Programme Manager-North

07702 131172

Luke Crump

Growth Liaison Manager

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Emma Noble

Self-lay Co-ordinator

07713 697643


Complaint and Redress Policy

If you’re unhappy with any element of our service, please let us know – we want to make sure that we put things right!

You can contact us through your Project Engineer or contacting one of the team above.

We are committed to ensure that all our developers, NAVs and self‐lay providers (SLPs) receive a consistently high level of service and we monitor our performance very carefully. 

Our redress scheme has been published below in line with Section 10 of the Water Sector Guidance in relation to the adoption of self-laid assets by Anglian Water.

We have published our redress policy here.