Standpipe hire


If you need an additional water supply, you can hire a standpipe. Our approved supplier for standpipe hire is Aquam Water Services (Aquam) and you must go through them if you wish to make use of this service.

The legal bit


Unauthorised access to our hydrants and washout and the use of standpipes not supplied by Aquam, could:


  • Create a potential risk to water quality and damage our infrastructure.
  • Interfere with our operations or that of fire service activities.
  • Contravene the Water Industry Act. 

It is a criminal offence to:

  • Use a standpipe which is not hired from us or our approved supplier
  • Take water without permission from a non-approved hydrant and to knowingly do so would lead to prosecution.

Why you should use Aquam?

Aquam Water Services have been providing standpipe management services for over 15 years with a reputation for excellent customer service. They will be providing a complete end to end process by:


  • Supplying Anglian Water specific standpipes. Ordered online, on the phone or in person and can be delivered directly to you.
  • Providing industry leading training approved by the DWI.
  • Manage the billing of all hire agreements.
  • Manage any illegal usage.


Aquam will process all applications and, to meet legal requirements, hire out metered standpipes for you to take water from approved hydrants on Anglian Water’s water supply network.


Once an application has been received and processed, you will be able to choose whether to have the standpipe delivered to your door within 24 hours or collect it from Aquam’s distribution point in Peterborough.


If you would like to arrange standpipe hire or for more information about the changes, visit Aquam Water Services' website.

Call: 0844 836 0045