Carbon management

Here at Anglian Water, we never stop looking for ways to reduce our carbon emissions, and we're on track to generate 45% of our energy from our own renewable sources by 2025 and become a fully net zero carbon business by 2030.


​What is net zero?​
Net zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced by a business and the amount removed from the atmosphere, by taking mitigating action. We’ll reach net zero when the amount we add is no more than the amount taken away.​

Our pledge ​
In 2020, the water industry published its routemap on how the sector will reach net zero for operational emissions in less than a decade. It is the world’s first example of an entire industry coming together to develop a sector-wide plan to drive down emissions.​

You can find our bespoke net zero routemap here. It sets out how we’ll reach our ambitious goal through a three-step hierarchy:​


  1. Managing and reducing emissions by installing monitoring equipment at four large Anglian Water sites to inform our plan on achieving net zero emissions by 2030​
  2. Decarbonising our electricity supply, vehicle fleet, as well as focusing on procuring green electricity​
  3. Removing or offsetting our residual emissions by planting 50 hectares of woodland on Anglian Water sites, exploring nature-based opportunities using wetlands, marshes and grasslands and working with landowners to develop land management schemes that avoid and remove emissions.


These case studies showcase some of the projects we’ve begun on our journey:



Of course, we can’t do this alone, we’ll be working with our customers, the Government, regulators and our supply chain to help deliver to these plans and be an industry leader on this journey. We co-sponsor the water sector’s net zero carbon commitment with Northumbrian Water and Yorkshire Water and chair the Water UK Carbon Working Group. Our CEO Peter Simpson is playing a leading role in driving progress to net zero across British industry through his co-chairship of the UK branch of CLG UK, the Corporate Leaders Group in the UK, whose members are committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions.


Anglian Water CEO Peter Simpson

Over a decade ago we had come to the realisation that we had a clear duty to tackle our emissions - not just because the water sector is generally one of the most power hungry, but because the rural nature and flat landscape of our region means we need even more energy than most to pump water to where it is needed. We all know it is more urgent than ever to try to undo – or at least put a stop to – the damage we are doing to our planet, and to adapt our assets to be fit for the future.

Greenhouse gas emissions - annual report

Net zero strategy to 2030