Catchment management

The water we supply to you - our 4.2 million customers - comes from sources including the ground, rivers and reservoirs.

Our growing population, climate change, agriculture, industry, tourism and recreation all however put pressure on these resources and a co-ordinated approach is needed to sustain and manage this water supply.

The European Water Framework Directive has set ambitious targets for us to do so and within the UK we take the government’s preferred catchment management approach.


This is the most sustainable way to protect water resources, helping us improve all UK waters while putting communities at the heart of protecting and managing their local environment.

What is catchment management?

It’s about collectively addressing the issues affecting our rivers and groundwater at catchment level – ie where we collect it at source. This includes preventing pollution from getting into raw water sources rather than relying on ‘end of pipe’ water treatment solutions and delivering benefits for the economy and environment.


Learn more about our Catchment Management plan.


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