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RiverCare and BeachCare

RiverCare volunteers

The RiverCare project, funded by Anglian Water and delivered on the ground by Keep Britain Tidy, was established in 2001. It brings together ‘Friends of’ groups, canoe clubs, residents associations and neighbourhoods with a common goal of improving their local river environment.

All too often rubbish and litter is dumped along our waterways endangering wildlife, blocking rivers and streams, causing flooding and creating ‘no-go areas’ for local people. The RiverCare project aims to ensure our waterways are vibrant, attractive, and accessible for people and wildlife.

Groups establish ownership of a stretch of their local watercourse and undertake a suite of activities including litter picking, removal of non-native species, survey and monitoring flora and fauna and carrying out habitat management and restoration. This is often done through engagement and collaboration with other organisations including the local Wildlife Trust and local councils.

The contributions made by our groups have been recognised as award winning as evidenced by the recent successes of the Cuckoo’s Hollow Rivercare Group winning the 2013 ‘Best Green Belt’ in Peterborough and Grantham Rivercare winning the 2014 Lincolnshire Environmental Community Award, judged by a panel chaired by Professor David Bellamy.

A real sense of camaraderie (and) a sense of satisfaction at seeing improvements to the river. I have learnt a lot about the environment, gained confidence in what I can contribute and achieve and I have learnt a lot about team work. It has altogether been a very worthwhile experience for me.

A RiverCare volunteer described being part of the project.


If you have an idea for a RiverCare project that you would like to do, visit the Rivercare website to find out more.

BeachCare volunteer


BeachCare builds upon the success of RiverCare by encouraging local communities to take responsibility for their coastal habitats. This provides a route to engage with the communities across our region at a catchment level and contributes to our wider approach around catchment management at Anglian Water.

They are doing a fabulous job and play an essential role in maintaining this fragile site. North Denes is an extremely important site containing a number of different rare dune habitats - these support a diverse range of plants and animals.

Pamela AbbottNatural England’s area manager for Norfolk, said of the BeachCare group working at North Denes Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)


With a network of over 1000 volunteers working on 50 local projects ranging from urban rivers, saltmarshes, coastal dune systems to rural chalk streams RiverCare and BeachCare groups are delivering environmental action on the ground across the Anglian Water region.


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