To achieve our ambitions for the environment and to do right by the habitats and wildlife, it’s vital we work together with other organisations and volunteer groups throughout our region.

At Anglian Water, we manage a lot of land, much of which is valuable for wildlife, but our land is only a tiny proportion of the region. To support nature recovery, we also work with others on conservation projects around the region. Here are some of the things we do.

Catchment-Based Approach (CaBA)​
CaBA is a government-driven initiative, that is facilitated through the national charity Rivers Trust. Our catchment management approach means we work with local communities and the natural environment to understand and protect river water quality, from source to sea. We work proactively with farmers and landowners across our region to help them adopt catchment-based approaches and manage risks to water quality.


We engage with catchment partnerships around the region, where collaborations of organisations are working to restore river health at a catchment level. Our Coastal Water Protection team works with others to identify and rectify sources of pollution in catchments that impact on bathing water quality. And our Biodiversity team coordinates our engagement with catchment partnerships across the region and our co-hosting of the Cam and Ely Ouse Catchment partnership.​

Find out more about our catchment management plan and other river restoration projects.​

Water For Wildlife​
Due to pesticides and other pollutants contaminating the water, many watercourses had become uninhabitable for fish and their otter predators. This meant Otters were on the brink of extinction. Today otters are back in every English county. This wouldn’t have happened without our Water for Wildlife Project with The Wildlife Trust– part funded by Anglian Water – and fully focused on protecting and improving river habitats for you, and for wildlife. ​

Natural England ​
Since 1999, we’ve been working with Natural England, the Forestry Commission, various universities and others, to help pool frogs. In 2005, we reintroduced them into a specially-restored pond at a secret site in Norfolk and surveys show the frogs are breeding successfully and have a growing population. ​

Keep Britain Tidy​
This RiverCare & BeachCare partnership with Keep Britain Tidy which enables local volunteers to take care of a local stretch of river, keeping it litter-free and undertaking work to enhance biodiversity.​

Funding  ​
We are also proud to have a two grant schemes, the Flourishing Environment Fund and the Invasive Species Fund, which support projects around the region.​ Find out more here.